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Horton High School students win 1st at regional art invitational

Several Horton High School art students participated in the Northeastern Kansas Regional Art Invitational and Competition at Highland Community College in Highland Kansas on Thursday, April 18, 2024. Sixteen of the 30 artworks submitted by Horton High School art students earned the school a First Place in competition against other 1A, 2A, and 3A Kansas schools. Over 45 schools from across the state participated in this event this year.

Horton High School’s art teacher, Mrs. Krogmann, submitted 30 artworks for the 2024 competition at Highland Community College. This regional invitational provides a means to showcase a selection of the best works created by league high school art students. Young artists' styles covered a wide variety of mediums that included colorful pencil drawings, oil paintings, photography, printmaking, watercolor, pastel paintings, batik, graphite drawings, conte` and charcoal drawings and much more. Submissions for this year's invitational were juried by two regional professional artists from Kansas City, Missouri area.

During the final award session, Sam Perkins, Graphic Design teacher in HCC’s Art Department and one of this year’s judge provided some insight to the young artists as to why art matters so much. Mr. Perkins said that, “Arts is an elemental component for all of us because it serves as an outlet for our emotions, . . . . the creative process is a gift from one soul to another.” Additionally, one of this year’s judges’ spoke about the criteria. We focus on the quality of the artwork, emotional response, originality in content, the application of technique, and the interpretation and the clarity of the artist’s concept to the viewer.

Horton High School art students Julie Lowe received the top recognition, “Best of Show” in charcoal. Students receiving one “Artistic Excellence” were Dacey Callahan in graphite, Harmonie Garrison in graphite, Noah Keo in Batik, Luke Mathewson in charcoal, LaNell Ramirez graphite, and Dani White in digital art. Additionally, an Art 1 student, Brianna Curtright received two “Artistic Excellence” recognitions this year in conte` and charcoal. Lastly, students receiving one “Honorable Mention” were Rebecca Anderson in Batik; Destiny Herod in watercolor, and Rocky Soriano in printmaking. Students receiving two “Honorable Mention,” were Harmonie Garrison in oil pastel and graphite and LaNell Ramirez in graphite and printmaking.

Mrs. Krogmann, Horton High School Art Teacher, plans on submitting four of the awarded artworks to the Congressional Art Competition. Any students’ artwork receiving recognition at this state level will be sent on to Washington D.C. to be exhibited for one year, receive two round trip tickets to Washington, and attend the Annual Congressional Award Reception at the U.S. Capitol.