Positive Vibes

Atchison Kindness in the Community

Since June, Atchison-area residents, mostly children, have been placing rocks along the edge of
the sidewalk along Atchison’s River Road, in an effort to promote kindness in the community.
So far, more than 700 rocks have been lined up, stretching over 200 feet!
The effort was initiated by Atchison resident Jordan Wentz and her family this past summer.
Jordan was on the KAIR morning show on Thursday, October 19 th , offering her thanks to all
those who’ve contributed to “Rock-ee The Rock Snake”.
Wentz also asked those who’ve donated rocks to pick them up by November 11 th , so that the
sidewalks are clear for winter maintenance.
Residents will be able to bring their rocks back in the spring, when Wentz hopes “Rock-ee The
Rock Snake” will grow even longer!