Sunday, 21 January 2018
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Cause of 500-year-old mystery epidemic identified
01/19/2018 3:32 PM
DNA tests show it wasn't just smallpox that killed countless people after the Spaniards arrived in the New World
Nature up close: Feathers
01/18/2018 7:52 PM
They're some of the most amazing structures in the natural world
NASA gears up for Mars 2020 mission
01/18/2018 3:41 PM
NASA scientists are developing a new rover to send to Mars on a mission to search for signs of life. CBS News' Chris Martinez gets an inside look.
Not everyone can use Google's viral Arts & Culture app
01/18/2018 3:26 PM
Google removed a feature from its viral Arts & Culture app for users in Texas and Illinois, two states that have tough laws on biometric identification. But are security concerns being blown out of proportion? CBS News correspondent Dean Reynolds reports.
Apple supplier in China denies labor abuse charges
01/17/2018 1:59 PM
Catcher Technology is accused of subjecting workers to unsafe conditions, unpaid overtime and filthy dormitories
States file lawsuits to block "net neutrality" repeal
01/16/2018 10:41 PM
A group of attorneys general are moving stop the FCC from striking down broadband rules
Avoiding the auto sales pitch with virtual reality
01/16/2018 12:39 AM
In the future, buying a car won't require a trip to a dealership -- or even a car. CBS News correspondent John Blackstone shows how to take a test drive with virtual reality.
Hawaii false alarm puts spotlight on alert systems
01/16/2018 12:24 AM
Agencies that put out emergency alerts are under a microscope after a false alarm for a "ballistic missle threat" went out over the weekend in Hawaii. But as CBS News chief legal correspondent Jan Crawford reports, false alarms are nothing new.
How Facebook revamp will change your news feed
01/15/2018 2:28 PM
You'll see fewer posts from publishers and other businesses (including celebs) and more from people you know -- will it work?
GM announces plans for robocar
01/14/2018 12:31 AM
Imagine a car where you can neither "take the wheel" nor put the "pedal to the metal" ? because neither the wheel nor the pedal exist. GM announced Friday that it is ready to mass-produce this type of robocar and it wants to put them on the road next year. Kris Van Cleave reports.
What to expect from the 2018 Detroit Auto Show
01/13/2018 2:04 PM
Every year, Detroit hosts the industry's most important car show. Daring designs and new technology will be on display at the North American International Auto Show, which kicks off Saturday. Senior automotive writer for Edmunds, Mark Takahashi, joins ?CBS This Morning: Saturday? to discuss what to expect from the show, the annual event's significance, and why trucks will be the big trend this year.
Students target fake news bots on Twitter
01/13/2018 12:42 AM
Many false stories on social media are spread by bogus accounts known as bots. CBS News correspondent John Blackstone reports on a couple of college students who have invented a bot-busting weapon.
How will people react to self-driving cars without steering wheels?
01/12/2018 12:59 PM
General Motors announced an ambitious proposal Thursday night to remove steering wheels in self-driving cars. The automaker wants to build vehicles with open dashboards but the company will have to overcome both legal obstacles and driver expectations with the concept. Kris Van Cleave reports.
Facebook announces overhaul to prioritize content from friends and family
01/12/2018 12:41 PM
Facebook is making big changes to what its more than two billion users see when they log on. CEO Mark Zuckerberg said on Thursday the platform is overhauling its news feed algorithm to prioritize content from family and friends. Users will see less public content, like posts from brands and news organizations. CBS News contributor and Wired editor-in-chief Nicholas Thompson joins "CBS This Morning" to discuss the incentive behind the changes and what they hope to accomplish.
Is Arctic warming behind this crazy winter weather?
01/11/2018 6:25 PM
It may seem counterintuitive, but scientists see signs that global warming could play a role in brutal winter weather patterns

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