Arizona sector becomes No. 1 hotspot for migrant crossings   (02/25/2024 4:47 AM)

Undeterred by miles of border wall, violent Mexican cartels and treacherous terrain with extreme temperatures, migrants have been crossing into the Tucson sector by the hundreds, and sometimes by the thousands, each day.

Vigils held across U.S. for nonbinary Oklahoma teen who died after a fight at school   (02/25/2024 4:23 AM)

Vigils were held across the country for Nex Benedict, a nonbinary teenager who died one day after a fight in a high school bathroom.

Did Utah mom charged in husband's death poison him with a cocktail?   (02/25/2024 4:00 AM)

A medical examiner ruled Eric Richins, a Utah father of three, died of a lethal dose of fentanyl. His wife Kouri was charged in his death.

Suspect arrested in murder of student on Kentucky college campus   (02/25/2024 3:56 AM)

The suspect, a 21-year-old man, was also a student at the school.

"Oppenheimer" wins top prize at Screen Actors Guild Awards   (02/25/2024 3:40 AM)

As the Academy Awards draw closer, Christopher Nolan's blockbuster biopic has increasingly looked like the run-away favorite.

Florida mom on rescue after being held captive: "I'd been pulled from hell"   (02/25/2024 2:58 AM)

Father used children as pawns as a fake attempt at reconciliation turned into a horrific 55-hour ordeal ? one that almost cost Alisa Mathewson her life.

South Carolina voter exit polls show how Trump won state's 2024 GOP primary   (02/25/2024 2:52 AM)

How Trump defeated Haley in the 2024 South Carolina Republican primary election, according to CBS News' exit polling.

Wake Forest fans collide with Duke star Kyle Filipowski while storming court   (02/25/2024 1:29 AM)

The incident comes roughly a month after Iowa basketball star Caitlin Clark was accidentally knocked down by a fan.

Eye on America: Combatting cartel smuggling, addressing L.A.?s homelessness epidemic   (02/25/2024 1:01 AM)

In Arizona, we witness how smuggling at the border is leading to increasingly dangerous high-speed pursuits. Then in California, we speak with the mayor of Los Angeles to learn how her administration is addressing the city?s homelessness epidemic. Watch these stories and more on "Eye on America" with host Michelle Miller.

Simmering tension between U.S, Israel over West Bank   (02/25/2024 12:58 AM)

Around 500,000 Israeli settlers live in the West Bank on occupied territory. While the settlements are widely regarded as illegal under international law, there are now several prominent settlers in Israel's cabinet, and there has been an uptick in violent clashes in the West Bank since the Oct 7 attack on Israel. Holly Williams has more.

South Carolina primary exit polls for the 2024 GOP election   (02/25/2024 12:50 AM)

CBS News projected Trump defeated Haley in the 2024 Republican South Carolina primary election ? here's what went into their decision, according to exit polls.

Hundreds of migrants brave treacherous conditions along Arizona border   (02/25/2024 12:48 AM)

Undeterred by border walls, violent Mexican cartels and treacherous terrain, hundreds of migrants are crossing the Arizona desert each day. Camilo Montoya-Galvez has more.

CBS News projects Trump wins South Carolina primary   (02/25/2024 12:46 AM)

CBS News projects that former President Donald Trump will win the South Carolina GOP primary, defeating former United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley in her home state. Haley however has vowed to press forward in the GOP nomination contest whatever the outcome. Lana Zak speaks to CBS News political reporter Olivia Rinaldi as Trump is about to speak at CPAC, and CBS News senior election and campaign correspondent Robert Costa reports from Haley's headquarters.

The couple behind one of the largest African-American art collections in the world   (02/25/2024 12:43 AM)

Bernard and Shirley Kinsey started their art collection in the early 1970s. It now numbers more than 700 pieces and counting, and is recognized as one of the largest, most encompassing collections chronicling the Black American experience. Elise Preston has their story.

On 2-year mark of war, Ukraine finds itself outgunned and outnumbered   (02/25/2024 12:40 AM)

Two years on from Russia's full-scale invasion, Ukraine is still under attack, and again against the ropes. At an airfield outside of Kyiv Saturday, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy issued a rallying cry reminiscent of that defiant selfie on the streets of the capital in the first days of the invasion. Charlie D'Agata has the latest.