Flags outside of Alito's houses spark political backlash as Supreme Court nears end of term   (05/23/2024 8:21 PM)

Justice Samuel Alito has come under scrutiny after the New York Times reported two instances of controversial flags flown outside his Virginia and New Jersey houses.

Dashcam shows Scottie Scheffler's arrest; officer didn't turn on bodycam   (05/23/2024 5:16 PM)

Louisville police released dashcam footage and video taken by a street camera outside the golf course.

A look at the White House state dinner for Kenya's president in photos   (05/23/2024 4:38 PM)

It's the first state dinner for a leader of an African nation since George W. Bush was president.

Florida calls for probe of Starbucks' diversity policies   (05/23/2024 4:24 PM)

Governor Ron DeSantis and state attorney general announce complaint against Starbucks coffee chain on conservative talk radio show.

NFL legend Warrick Dunn's housing program changes lives of single parents   (05/23/2024 4:19 PM)

Warrick Dunn will be inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame later this year, but the NFL legend's most important legacy may be his housing program for single-parent families.

Mahomes and Reid stand by Butker after controversial speech   (05/23/2024 1:19 PM)

Butker shared controversial thoughts on many topics during his speech ? Pride month, COVID-19 and women in the workplace among them.

Dogs help find 6 tons of meth hidden in squash shipment in California   (05/23/2024 1:13 PM)

U.S. Customs and Border Protection said that the six tons of meth were found in hundreds of packages hidden in the shipment.

Families of Uvalde school shooting victims settle lawsuit against the Texas city   (05/23/2024 12:55 PM)

Family members of the victims of the mass shooting in Uvalde, Texas, have agreed to settle their lawsuit against the city for around $2 million. It includes money for the graves of the victims. Lawyers also announced a new lawsuit, this one against the state of Texas.

Search for survivors continues after tornadoes tear through Iowa   (05/23/2024 12:55 PM)

More than a dozen tornadoes touched down in Iowa on Tuesday. Rescue crews spent Wednesday sifting through the debris, looking for survivors.

Judge agrees to delay Hunter Biden trial in California tax fraud case   (05/22/2024 9:44 PM)

Hunter Biden's California tax fraud trial was originally scheduled to take place in June.

USPS is firing probationary workers who report injuries, feds claim   (05/22/2024 9:36 PM)

The postal service has allegedly fired mail carriers in at least seven states after they reported getting hurt while on the job.

Nikki Haley says she'll vote for Trump   (05/22/2024 9:24 PM)

The former presidential candidate said she will vote for former President Donald Trump in November.

Are you spending more money shopping online? Remote work could be to blame.   (05/22/2024 9:18 PM)

Remote work helped drive an additional $375 billion in online spending last year, report shows.

2nd human case of bird flu confirmed amid U.S. dairy cow outbreak   (05/22/2024 8:36 PM)

A Michigan farmworker has been diagnosed with bird flu after being in contact with cows presumed to be infected, state health officials announced in a statement? Wednesday.

Bark Air, a new airline for dogs, set to take its first flight   (05/22/2024 5:37 PM)

The air travel service rolls out "white paw treatment" for dogs. Human passengers come second.