Sunday, 14 August 2022
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Smart home tech can help save money on energy bills
08/10/2022 6:02 PM
Programmable thermostats and smart lights can help consumers' lower energy bills.
Watch: China launches crew to its own space station
08/02/2022 4:01 AM
Three Chinese astronauts blasted off and rocketed into orbit Thursday, setting off after the recently-launched core module of China's new space station for a planned three-month stay. Read more here.
Telecom carriers cracking down on robocalls
08/02/2022 4:01 AM
Americans receive over 130 million robocalls a day, but starting in July, major phone companies must adopt a new technology that could stop many of these calls. Dina Demetrius has more from Los Angeles.
SpaceX conducts rare nighttime water landing of its Crew Dragon astronauts
08/02/2022 4:01 AM
Four astronauts strapped into their SpaceX Crew Dragon capsule, undocked from the International Space Station and plunged to a fiery pre-dawn splashdown in the Gulf of Mexico early Sunday, closing out the first operational flight of SpaceX's futuristic touch-screen ferry ship. CBS News' Tom Hanson reports. Read more here.
Apple slows hiring as tech industry tightens belt, report says
07/19/2022 8:33 PM
Other tech industry bellwethers are also trimming jobs as they brace for slower consumer spending.
DNA testing could help identify 2 victims of Tulsa Race Massacre
06/22/2022 10:20 PM
A search for the graves of massacre victims began in 2020 and resumed last year with nearly three dozen coffins containing remains of possible victims recovered.
A fix for McDonald's soft-serve machines?
06/05/2022 2:11 PM
As the fast-food chain's non-functioning ice-cream machines became a national punchline, tech startup Kytch developed a device that helped franchisees get their machines back online ? and that's when the fight over soft-serve began to really heat up.
Unusual objects launched into space
05/24/2022 6:17 PM
From "Star Wars" X-wing fighters and Hello Kitty dolls, to hamburgers and pizza - just some of the weird objects captured floating high above Earth
Activision Blizzard workers vote to unionize, an industry first
05/24/2022 12:02 PM
Microsoft, which is in the process of buying the Call of Duty publisher for nearly $69 billion, says it will not interfere.
Envisioning black holes
05/13/2022 1:35 PM
Astronomers zero in on some of the most mystifying phenomena in the universe
Virtual land rush driving up the cost of space in the metaverse
05/06/2022 7:58 PM
Top consumer brands and deep-pocketed investors are staking a claim to the next phase of the internet.
Biden wants half of all new cars to be zero-emissions by 2030
08/06/2021 2:29 AM
On Thursday, President Biden signed an executive order that aims to shift new car manufacturing toward electric and other zero-emissions engines. CBS News senior White House correspondent Nancy Cordes has a look at the executive order, and Reuters White House correspondent Jeff Mason discusses how the administration will incentivize car makers to make the shift.
Virgin Galactic sets price for trips to space aboard its rocket plane
08/05/2021 11:37 PM
Well-heeled space tourists will need $450,000 for a short up-and-down trip to space aboard Virgin Galactic's rocket plane.
Report finds federal agencies don't meet federal cybersecurity standards
08/05/2021 8:46 PM
A Senate report has finds federal agencies are not meetings government cybersecurity standards. CBS News homeland security and justice reporter Nicole Sganga joins CBSN AM to discuss the report.
Atlas 5 hauled off launch pad for Starliner troubleshooting
08/05/2021 7:40 PM
If a valve problem with Boeing's Starliner crew capsule isn't quickly fixed, launch could slip to late this year.

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