Monday, 02 August 2021
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Electric airplanes are on the way as aviation fuel continues to pollute the air
05/24/2021 1:55 AM
A Boeing 737 burns about 750 gallons of jet fuel an hour and pollutes the air. In our Eye on Earth series, CBS's Mark Phillips found electric-powered flight could soon take off.
The robots of the 2018 Winter Olympics
05/11/2021 6:18 AM
The Pyeongchang Winter Olympics could be the most technology-heavy of all time, with robots doing some of the cleaning, answering questions and even skiing (not well).
California expands drought emergency, covering 30% of population
05/11/2021 2:06 AM
Governor Gavin Newsom urged residents to cut back on their water usage by taking shorter showers and limiting outdoor watering, among other things.
Popular tech buys over the holidays and beyond
05/09/2021 7:23 AM
Digital voice assistants like the Amazon Echo or Google Home were some of this holiday's top-sellers. The Nintendo Switch video game console sold more than 10 million units after this year's launch. CNET's Dan Ackerman joins "CBS This Morning" to discuss popular tech buys and what to expect in 2018.
This girl's creation could help kids in cities she's never visited
05/09/2021 7:12 AM
A 12 year-old science wiz in Colorado saw a problem and invented a solution that could prevent a lot of kids from getting sick. Her device can detect lead in water within seconds using carbon molecules. Adriana Diaz reports.
Camperforce: Group of nomadic retirees boost Amazon's workforce
05/09/2021 6:42 AM
For last minute shoppers, the clock is ticking. Christmas is just a few hours away. Some stores will be open late and there's always the internet. At Amazon, a unique group of workers have been filling your holiday orders, and Brook Silva Braga met some of them.
NYT's Jodi Kantor on misconduct allegations at Ford: "Work was used as leverage"
05/09/2021 5:05 AM
Allegations of sexual harassment have toppled powerful people from Hollywood to Capitol Hill this year, but a new investigation by the New York Times gives voice to blue-collar workers. The article explores decades of sexual misconduct at two Ford auto plants in Chicago. CBS News contributor and New York Times reporter Jodi Kantor joins "CBS This Morning" to discuss the kind of alleged behavior women there endured for years, the systems that enable harassment and Ford's response to the allegations.
Apple admits to slowing down older phones
05/09/2021 4:45 AM
Apple is facing a lawsuit after the company admitted to slowing down older iPhones. CBS News correspondent Anna Werner explains how customers discovered the truth.
Internet-connected toys raise privacy and safety concerns
05/09/2021 4:07 AM
Smart toys are popular holiday gifts, but consumer watchdogs warn of the risks to children's privacy. Wired's new article, "Don't Get Your Kid an Internet-Connected Toy," says companies selling the toys are "profiting by collecting and monetizing a lot of sensitive information from kids." Wired editor-in-chief and CBS News contributor Nicholas Thompson joins "CBS This Morning" to discuss the risks.
Apple deliberately causing older iPhones to operate slowly
05/09/2021 4:00 AM
New revelations from Apple confirm what many iPhone users suspected: Apple slows down older iPhones. The reason? The lithium-ion batteries in aging devices can't keep up with peak demand for power. Apple says the batteries "may eventually need to be serviced or recycled." Anna Werner reports.
Art exhibits become popular selfie spots
05/09/2021 2:47 AM
Unique art exhibits like "Infinity Mirrors" are being used by selfie-loving fans who want the settings as their backgrounds on Instagram. Jamie Yuccas reports from Los Angeles.
Number of robocalls soars in 2017
05/09/2021 2:46 AM
It would be hard to find anyone who likes robocalls. So why are they becoming so much more frequent? Robocalls have now reached record levels, even though 230 million phone numbers are on the Do Not Call Registry. Anna Werner reports.
U.S. blames WannaCry cyberattack on North Korea
05/09/2021 2:45 AM
The Trump administration pointed the finger at North Korea Tuesday for a massive cyberattack last May. Dubbed WannaCry, the attack was a giant extortion scheme that disabled computer systems worldwide. Jeff Pegues reports.
Instagram year in review: Top trends from 2017
05/08/2021 9:35 AM
Pop star Selena Gomez maintains her title as Instagram's most-followed celebrity with more than 130 million followers. Beyonc� enjoys the honor of the most-liked photo, with more than 11 million likes for her pregnancy announcement.
Older and younger millennials talk stereotypes
05/07/2021 9:41 PM
Millennials, born between the early '80s and mid-'90s, make up the largest living generation, bigger than Baby Boomers and Generation X. Their money, their attention and their votes are all in demand. But identifying millennials is complicated by a divide within the generation, with their formative years split by the financial crisis, smart phones and social media. Bianna Golodryga met some millennials to get their reactions to stereotypes about them. Refinery29 chief content officer Amy Emmerich also joins "CBS This Morning" to discuss the generation.

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